Xero is beautiful accounting software which can enhance our understanding of your business.

Xero is a cloud based software package, which we at Walletts believe is the future of bookkeeping software. Xero allows us to access your information on a real time basis and provide valuable support to you to ensure your business is going in the right direction.


Why People Love Xero:

  1. Online Accounting and Payroll in one

  2. Easy online invoicing and quotes helps reduce days

  3. Bank statement lines are automatically fed into your Xero account, making reconciliation a breeze!

  4. No need to install or update software

  5. Collaborate in real time with your advisors

  6. Bank level security

  7. Dashboard give users a clear financial overview

  8. Free, award winning support, 24/7

  9. Pricing plans to suit everyone, no lock in contracts, pay as you go

  10. Available anytime, on any device, anywhere you're online

Xero on the go!

With the increase demand and development of technology Xero has made massive leaps forward to help you run your business effectively and efficiently all from your mobile phone:

The mobile applicaition allows you:

  1. Invoice and email your customers on the go, so there is no chance that you will forget to.

  2. Perform bank reconciliations as your bank information is fed into Xero.

  3. Get an up to date overview of how much money is in your bank, who you owe money to and who owes you money.

If you would like to find out how easy it is to switch from your current system to Xero, please contact one of our advisors today!!!